For Our Community

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Cleaning For A Reason

Each year, millions of women are diagnosed with cancer. These women need help, and with the help of Cleaning for a Reason, you can help bring free house cleaning services to these women.

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Complete Cleaning Services

You’ll receive great benefits through this organization:

  • Offer free house cleaning services for cancer patients
  • 4 hours for initial cleaning
  • 3 hours a month for routine cleaning
  • Maximum of 4 donated cleanings per patient.

Gathering Inn

The gathering in is a wonderful community based program that helps our local homeless population get the necessities of life as they put themselves back on track in life. They provide a health clinic, dental care, laundry assistance, computers to help find homes and jobs, and for some a safe place to shower, sleep, and get a hot meal. Gathering Inn works with the local churches and other nonprofits in the area to help meet the needs of the homeless.

Sierra Pregnancy and Life Center

Sierra Pregnancy and Health center is a place for women in need. All services are free and confidential. Sierra Pregnancy & Health offers compassionate care, practical help and accurate information regarding unplanned pregnancy.